Ice Cream Cakes
Cakes are made with 2 layers of ice cream and a fudge cookie center. We stock cakes with vanilla and chocolate ice cream to grab and go. Or, place an order for an ice cream cake with Kimberly’s homemade flavors, create your own combination! (24 hour notice, please)

6”- serves 3-6 8”- serves 10-12 10”- serves 15-20

Ice Cream Pies
The standard ice cream pies flavors that we offer are Kahlua Fudge and Double Chocolate Chip Mint. We also feature seasonal flavors.

Ice Cream Cupcakes
A delicious chocolate shell filled with cholocate and vanilla custard, topped with frosting and sprinkles. Place an order with us for a custom flavored batch of cupcakes!

Brownie Pizzas
A brownie crust covered with fudge, vanilla custard, oreos pieces, M&M’s, chopped nuts and rainbow sprinkles.

Fine Chocolates
We offer fabulous chocolates sold by the box or by the pound. We also ship chocolates.